Tuesday, 23 October 2018

How to Make a Fake

Have you ever wondered how the counterfeiters go about making fake products? The world is awash with counterfeit goods of every description.

In the video below, Dave Munson from Saddleback Leather Goods turns the table on the counterfeiters. In a cleverly structured video he shows you how to knock off a saddleback briefcase, but the subplot is he is really highlighting the difference between the knock offs and the real thing.

Yes Yes i know this isn’t about coats or jackets. Well it is really. I mean a fakes a fake isn’t it? And the theory is still the same. Don’t think for one second the £100 you paid for that Mille Miglia has the same technology and innovation that the real thing offers. It just can’t, can it.

Enjoy the video!

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