Sunday, 21 October 2018

Woolrich Summer Parka – Review









The magic of google, remembering what you were virtual window shopping for, and reminding you in every website you visit about it until it gets stuck in your brain like an ear worm(or maybe an eye worm) that you can’t get rid of!

Well thats exactly the experience I’ve had with Woolrich summer parka for the last week or so. A quick look on Woolrich site and I’m being hounded by it. But the truth is i don’t mind, because this is a beautiful jacket.

Features include

· 100% Polyester
· Zip and Button fastening
· Welt Snap pockets
· Patch flap button pockets
· Drawstring hood and waist
· Poly outer shell
· Regular Fit

Those that live in the North will fully appreciate the need for mens parka jackets in the summer, where we can easily reach single figures centigrade in June!! A lighter version of the arctic parka, the big difference is the hood. Whereas the arctic has the coyote fur trim hood, the summer parka has an extra sized collar, which sits with a lovely pleat over the back, level with the shoulders.

Do yourself a favour, get yourself over to Woolrich’s site, check out this jacket and press the buy button. Because if like me you don’t, it will be stalking you on the internet for days to come!


  1. Hi there,

    I love the look of that jacket! the summer parka. Very stylish and would go great with a suit for my work in the office. In fact, probably work better in cooler Autumn and winter as well with a suit jacket beneath it. Absolutely gorgeous jacket!

    Do that come in a variety of colours or just the colour shown in the picture?

  2. I have been looking for a parka this color for some time, it says summer park but where I live I’d use it a lot more in the Fall, accessorized with a great scarf. I really love the rugged feel of this design. Do you know if the hood is removeable?

  3. Nice attractive parka. A good parka is a necessity for sure when you live in the North, which I do. We had a very cold and snowy winter this year, my husband was very poorly prepared, lol. We are new to our area and we both could have used something like this. Thanks for sharing…. looks like a good product.


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