Tuesday, 23 October 2018

6876 x The Fourness Haden Jacket – Review










And so here it is, a third round of collaboration from Kenneth Mackenzie’s six eight seven six and Kazuki Kuraishi’s The Fourness, and once again it doesn’t disappoint.

6The Haden jacket, is, as you’d expect from 6876, simple and with some great details. The chest pockets, with slightly angled flaps give the jacket a different look from others on the market. Such small detail makes such a big difference.

The hood is retractable and can be hidden away behind a zip on those sunny days we sometimes get. The waist pockets are seemed to give it a clean look.

It comes in Navy and, I have to say my favourite of the two, beige.

Now I’m sure you are tempted to head over to 6876‘s site straight away and making a purchase, but if you aren’t let me help you make that decision.

When it comes to luxury goods, some high end products like vintage cars and watches retain their value, clothes generally don’t. Not so when you are buying a 6876 jacket. A few months back I managed to track down a 6876 Sonora after missing out when they were first launched. I paid close to the full value on Ebay. When it arrived my delight soon turned to disappointment when I realised it was far too big for me. My first thought was to pile on the pounds until it fitted me, but as that wasn’t the most practical idea I’ve had I stuck it away in a cupboard for a few months. When the time came to sell it, I put it back up on Ebay and recouped every penny I paid.

So don’t look at this jacket as a simple purchase, look at it as an investment.

Be quick though these won’t last, and if you miss out you will have to hope one appears on Ebay like I did!!

Available from 6876’s site now for only £235.





  1. Love the beige version you have on here – kinda reminds me of the coats I used to wear during the britpop scene of the 90’s ( Oasis, Blur, The Verve etc. ). I love that sort of mod hood look – never goes out of male fashion ( in my simple opinion! ). Love the clothes on this site – gonna look a bit further into it!

    1. Author

      totally agree Chris, a lovely jacket. You’ve got great music taste by the sound of it, but you missed out the best of the lot, The Stone Roses!! Enjoy the site, feel free to leave feedback on any other page.

  2. Hey there, this is a great website, you have a terrific selection of coats and jackets. I really like all the info you were able to provide. You sure seem to know your brands, would like to get one for my partner as he’s always getting cold when out fishing at nights, although we live in the sub tropics the winters get pretty cold out on the water. We travelled to Europe last year in winter, I will look you up when I go again. I find the prices are great too, I would pay far more if I was to purchase one here at home.

    1. Author

      Hi Bettina, thanks for the feedback. If your husband is into fishing then I would suggest looking at Barbour for a wax jacket. The wax jacket gives great protection, is functional with many pockets, and will last for years. Because its waxed it isn’t breathable, but for fishing that doesn’t factor very highly.

      I’ve reviewed one here, have a look



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