Sunday, 21 October 2018

Moncler Jehan Cagoule Jacket – Review








Price: £485

Colour: Stone

Fabric: 98% Elastic, 2% elastane


Central Zip Closure

two front zipped pockets

Drawstring Hood

Machine Washable

Cut with a regular fit

Available from CruiseFlannels

This Moncler Jehan Cagoule is going to split opinions. How do i know? Because it managed to split my opinion. On first sight, I wasn’t keen on it, i have to be honest. the reason is the polka dot effect that incorporates the Moncler logo silhouette. I am not a big fan of branding being in your face. I much prefer a subtle touch.

Remember those Hugo Boss sweaters with the huge branding over the chest that were all the rage back in the 90’s and then the counterfeiters got there hands on the design and you could get a knock off for a tenner down the local market? Well even before the market was flooded with them, I hated them. To me, and this is a personal view, a huge logo is just you wanting to show off, to advertise what you are wearing. I love clothing because of the quality of the product, the design, the workmanship, the technology that has went into the development of the fabric. I don’t love it because its got branding that screams out letting everyone know what you are wearing.

The first time I spotted this cagoule, that’s what my first thought was, too much. But after closer inspection I started to change my mind. It wasn’t as brash as I first thought. in fact, it was quite subtle, dare I say it, even clever.

The polka dot is nice, very nice in fact. And different, which i like. And the logo, well, it just works doesn’t it? It’s

Coming in at £485 this isn’t cheap for a cagoule, but Moncler are known for very high quality garments, and the price reflects that. Sizing its true to your normal size.

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  1. Hi Jeff,

    I think this cagoule is too sweet for me. I never thought and I think I will never try a Polka Dot cagoule.

    On the other hand, I never heard of Moncler, either. Maybe because I always prefer a shirt and a jeans kind of guy.
    Living in a tropical country, a cagoule just a fashion statement. I am a practical guy, so yeah, a jeans, a t-shirt, and a pair of snickers already a full dress for me.


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