Monday, 19 November 2018

Norse Projects Nunk Summer Jacket – Review

The Danes are on the mark again!!

Norse Projects Nuck Summer Jacket
Nuck Summer Jacket in Orange









Price: £245

Colours: Orange, Navy, Dried olive, Ecru

Official Norse Projects Branding
Regular fit
Woven in Italy
Riri Zip closure
Ventilated Back Yolk
Japanese String Stoppers
Two Front Pockets
Drawstring Waist
Riri trims
Peaked Hood
Made in Romania
Fabric: 65% cotton, 35% nylon

Available from: Aphrodite End Triads









The summer version of the Norse Projects Nunk Jacket is truly a global garment. Designed in Denmark, Woven in Italy, Manufactured in Romania and with some Japanese String Stoppers thrown in you can’t get more cosmopolitan than that can you?

Dried olive








The Nunk is based on classic hunting styles, but modernized with new technology and features. This version is the summer Nunk, similar in design but without the added lining you need for those winter months.

Starting at the top of this jacket the hood has a peak to keep the rain of your face. The Yoke is ventilated making the jacket breathable when it’s hot out there but still raining cats and dogs. The Yoke also has a nice neat finish across the back.
At the front of the hood is two string stoppers giving you added protection if the rain is coming down at you vertically. The front zip is manufactured by Riri and covered for further protection.

There are two hip pockets at the front of the jacket with protection flaps to keep your valuables protected from the elements.









This jacket is the perfect accompaniment for the British Summer. Light when worn but sturdy enough to protect us when the inevitable happens and the weather turns sour. Available in four colours my favourite is definitely the orange one, bright without being startling, and a certain head turner.

If you don’t have a Norse Projects piece in your wardrobe you need to remedy that today. Head over to one of the stores selling these by clicking on one of the buttons below. Once you’ve received your purchase let me know what you think!


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  1. Great review on the product. It’s very insightful. The comments you make on the product and the product description, including the features, helps a lot on visualizing the jacket. Even though there are some images provided, without a 360 view of the product, you comment compensate for it. When shopping for a jacket, it is great to know when to best use. So thank you for the information.


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