Monday, 19 November 2018
Spring Summer 17

Barbour Camber Sand Casual Jacket – Review

Sometimes when you see a jacket you know straight away what it is thats drawn you towards it, lured you in. It could be the colour, the material, and more than likely the label. Yes you know what i mean you Stone Island lovers out there!!

With the Barbour Camber Sand Casual Jacket there is one thing that has grabbed me here. Or should I say two things. Those pockets. Those oversized, massive gorgeous looking pockets. They just make this jacket for me. Take them away, move the two chest height slit pockets down to the waist and its just another jacket. Yes, it would still be a nice jacket, that Sand colour would have seen to that, but those pockets really stand out.

They look huge. I reckon you could ditch the man bag and fit most of your belongings into those pockets.








A lightweight cotton blend means this jacket is perfect for spring, when the sun is shining but there is still a sharpness in the air.

This Barbour Jacket is a slim fit, so bare that in mind when buying, and you will be buying it, won’t you!! If you aren’t a skinny lad then i would recommend you size up accordingly.

At only £139 this is a brilliant price for a brilliant piece. Click on the link below to get yourself one, and with the added bonus of FREE shipping.

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