Sunday, 21 October 2018


6876 logo

6876 is the brain child of Kenneth McKenzie. He is originally from Dundee but is now based in London.

The label was started in 1995 after Kenneth had completed a fashion degree at Preston and spent a year working at Duffer St George.

The name comes from the situationist inspired Paris Riots of ‘68 and the punk rock/Soweto uprisings of ‘76. Those not familiar with the Paris riots may be more familiar with the Stone Roses song Bye Bye Badman which they wrote about the riots.

6876 is well known for its fabric innovation and classic pieces like the Sonora, the Double Harrington and the Capandula.
They have been involved in many collaborations over the years with labels such as Our Culture, CasualCo, Mamnick, Maharishi, Fred Perry, Rohan and Cash Ca.

6876 uniqueness comes from the fact they don’t follow the usual fashion road of two collections a year, spring summer and autumn winter. Pieces are issued sporadically and in limited numbers. This can make them hard to get and very much sought after.