Sunday, 21 October 2018

Paul and Shark


Founded in 1976 by the Dini family, Paul and shark is synonymous with Italian style and elegance. But its history goes back to 1957 when the Maglificio Daco mill in Masnago, originally opened in 1921, was reopened by Gian Ludovico.

In the early 70’s Paolo Dini, the son of Gian, was in a sailmakers workshop in Maine, where an 18th Century clipper sails caught his eye. Its inscription read: Paul & Shark. A brand was born.

The brand’s aim was to seek excellence both in the quality of its products and the manufacture of its materials. Paul & Shark creates sportswear, smart casual and luxury lines, combining technical fabrics with elegant and stylish details.

It’s sportswear range has been inspired by sailing and yachting.

Paul & Shark is available at the following online stores

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