Sunday, 21 October 2018

Ten C


ten c

Ten C is designed and owned by Alessandro Pungetti and Paul Harvey and stands for The Emporer’s New Clothes, taken from a Hans Christian Andersen fairytale.

Ten C. A collection that wears no labels either inside or out. Pieces that asked to be loved for what they are. Pieces intended to last forever. These timeless and iconic garments are created to live every day with you, to become part of your life’s story like the dented wristwatch from when the Bungy broke and would have broken your arm had you not being wearing that watch. The tent that wears the scars of every event it has ever been to with you. That pair of jeans you just cannot throw away. They will become exclusively yours.

Ten C believe that by applying the true values of craftsmanship and creating garments that are conceived to last all your life, they can in some way help, and this comes from the bible of real environmentalists, in the elimination of waste. They are talking about caring. And quality.

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