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Baracuta began life in 1937 in Manchester, and is famous for the G9 Harrington Jacket, a lightweight waist length jacket made from cotton, polyester, wool or suede, and with a Fraser tartan lining.

The company was started by John and Isaac Miller, who originally made rainwear for Burberry and Aquascutum.

the Harrington jacket, designed in 1937 and known as the G9, came about from the brothers love of golf. They looked to design a jacket to wear on the golf coarse that was waterproof and flexible. The design of the pockets placed at an angle is for keeping golf balls in.

In the 1950’s Baracuta started exporting the jacket to the United Ā States, but it really took off when it was worn by Elvis in his 1954 film King Creole. In 1964 Ryan O’Neil wore one in the US soap opera Peyton Place. The soap was shown in the UK in 1965 on ITV. Ryan’s character was called Rodney Harrington, and from then on the G9 was known as the Harrington. It grew in stature when Steve McQueen wore it in his 1968 film The Thomas Crown affair.

Back here in the UK the HarringtonĀ has been a part of pop culture since the 60’s, popular with mod, scooter boy, punk and ska scenes over the years. Though a british design, it was heavily associated with the US due to the movie and Tv stars that wore it on screen. The Ivy Shop in London specialised in Ivy League style mens fashion, and stocked the Harrington. It was perfect for them, it suited the preppy look they favoured, but was manufactured here in the UK.

Also famed for their raincoat, Baracuda kitted out the England World Cup winning squad of 1966 with the G23 Ramsey raincoat, named after Alf Ramsey and worn by all 22 squad players. Four years later they also supplied the coats for the 1970 World Cup squad with the Mexina.

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