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Boneville was launched in 1981 by Massimo Osti to build on the extensive research of his first company CP Company and a year prior to him establishing Stone Island.

The brand was created to find a use for the volume of ideas and experiments that were developed by Osti.

massimo osti
Massimo Osti

From its ‘81 launch to its final days in 1993, Boneville set a benchmark in the men’s fashion arena, pushing boundaries both aesthetically and technically, adding to the rich tapestry that is the career of Massimo Osti, but by 1993 the Americana look favoured by Boneville had been superseded by the clubbing look.

In 2012 entrepreneur and avid Osti fan John Sharp bought the Boneville brand, an acquisition with a view to reintroduce the brand to market and further the Osti legacy.

Boneville would join John’s other brand MA Strum, itself started by the Studio Osti Archive and Donrad Duncan, as part of the Global Design and Innovation Group.

Boneville today exists as two divisions; Boneville and B.N.V. Sporting Goods, each boasting a unique aesthetic though bound together by a distinct naval influence and maritime character.