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Few brands can rival Crombie when it comes to heritage. Founded 1805 here in Bonnie Scotland, the same year as the Battle of Trafalgar, John Crombie, the son to a family of weavers established Cothal Mill in Aberdeen.

Crombie quickly established itself for the quality of its cloth and by the 1840’s had established itself amongst the fashionable drapers of Paris and London. Their fine wools, tweeds, cashmeres and merinos became the fabric of choice for Savile Row tailors and gentlemen of taste.

In 1859 they moved to Grandholm Mill in Aberdeen where they would produce the finest cloth unit its closure in 1990.

Crombie's Grandholm Mill today, a business and residential unit
Crombie’s Grandholm Mill today, a business and residential unit

The brand really began to establish itself, producing ‘Rebel Grey’ cloth for the Confederate Army in the American Civil War, and also supplying officers’ uniforms to the British Army and Royal Air Force in World Wars One and Two.

Over the years Crombie has been worn by some of the worlds biggest dignitaries such as King George VI, Winston Churchill, Prince Charles, Dwight D Eisenhower, John F Kennedy and Mikhail Gorbachev.

In the 1960’s & 70’s Crombie became popular with mods, skinheads and suedeheads,

Today Crombie have three stores in Edinburgh, London and Manchester or you can visit their online store here.

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