Sunday, 21 October 2018

Fred Perry

fred perry logoFred Perry the brand, the label, had very humble beginnings. It started in the late 1940’s when Fred Perry, the Grand Slam winning tennis player from Stockport was approached by Austrian footballer Tibby Wegner who had the idea for Fred to wear an ¬†anti-perspirant band round his wrist. Previously Perry had worn medical gauze round his wrist to wipe away the sweat. The pair developed the sweatband and put it into production in Leicester. They subsequently gave out free sweatbands to all the top players on the circuit and the Fred Perry Sportswear Company was born.

After the success of the sweatbands, the pair developed a lightweight cotton pique shirt. Fred, a pipe smoker, wanted to use the pipe as his emblem, but Tibby convinced him this wouldn’t be attractive to women and so they chose the laurel wreath instead.

The iconic polo shirt went into production in 1952. Though a popular choice for the sportsman it was the mod movement that elevated this brand to what we know today, as sportswear crossed over onto the high street.

Today the brand produce jackets, trousers, footwear, bags and knitwear as well as the iconic pique shirt.

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