Sunday, 21 October 2018


gant-wp-newGANT Inc began life in April 1949 but its story dates back to before then.

Berl Gantmacher  from Miropol, Ukraine, made his way to Rotterdam and took a steamship to New York City in 1907. determined to make a better life for himself he worked in the garment industry by day and studied by night.

After fighting for the US in the 1st World War he set up the Par-Ex Shirt Company in Brooklyn making shirts for other labels.

His sons Matry and Elliot arrived and they relocated to Connecticut. After the 2nd World War his sons convinced him to make shirts under their own label, GANT was born.

The firm still made shirts for other retailers, but the attention to detail won them many plaudits. People knew that the GANT symbol – a G in a diamond stamped on the shirt tail – guaranteed quality.
GANT  perfectly suited a new style – the American East Coast preppy look – that was emerging on the campus of nearby Yale University.

GANT’s attention to detail and use of varying colours and fabric made them a hit.

Today GANT offers menswear, womenswear, children’s clothing, home products accessories and fragrances. It’s a brand built on the values of authenticity, quality, sport and timeless good taste.

GANT have 298 retail stores around the world.

GANT is available from the following online stores

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