Sunday, 21 October 2018

Hackett London

hackettHackett began in 1979 when Jeremy Hackett and Ashley Lloyd-Jennings met in the Portobello Road, West London both combing the market for good second-hand traditional British men’s clothing. They started a business partnership with a small stall in Portobello themselves, selling on the clothing after cleaning and repairing them.

In 1983 they opened their first shop on the New Kings Road still selling top quality second hand British clothing and accessories.

In 1985 they deliver their first range of clothes. These along with the continued success of their second hand clothes and accessories mean they can open individual shops, one for shirts and ties, one for tailoring, a specialist formalwear shop, a barber’s and gentlemen’s accessories shop, and finally a sportswear shop. All the shops are in close proximity to each other and the area is referred to by London cabbies as Hackett cross.

The Hackett polo shirt appears in 1987 after a sponsorship of a polo team. Initially only made for the polo team they are so popular Jeremy and Ashley decide to make them for public sale.

Today Hackett have 77 retail stores in 16 countries.

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