Sunday, 21 October 2018


Lacoste-logo-880x660In 1926 the Lacoste logo makes its debut after René asks his friend Robert George to design a crocodile. It makes its first appearance on René’s blazer.


Clearly a man of outstanding talent(he won 10 Grand Slams in his career) he was also an innovator, inventing the tennis ball machine to improve his technique. He also released a book called Tennis where he revealed a number of his techniques.

In 1933 René founded La Chemise Lacoste in 1933 with André Gillier, who was the owner and president of France’s largest knitwear company. The began by producing the iconic Lacoste polo shirt in tennis white. This coloured was the mainstay until 1951 when they launched a colour range.

By 1968 Lacoste had branched out to jackets and fragrances, then in 1969 a leather bag range followed.

The 70’s were the decade where Lacoste really took off. In 1971 Lacoste became the official sponsor of Roland-Garos. Each year they produce a new range for the French Open. In the USA the Lacoste polo shirt becomes the go to garment for the preppy crowd.

the 1980’s see’s its first range in sports shoes, and its first boutique open in Paris. A sunglasses range is also released for the first time.

Today Lacoste operates a number of boutiques worldwide while having a presence in many of the world’s leading department stores.

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