Sunday, 21 October 2018

Dandy Fellow

Dandy Fellow is a website that takes mens online fashion to another level. Established by experienced industry experts with wealth of knowledge in the fashion business, Dandy Fellow is a website that aims to provide the very best in mens designer fashion.

The brands they stock at Dandy Fellow are sourced from all around the world. Each mens brand is only considered on its own merit for quality and design and must offer their customers something different and unique. Combined with our dedicated customer service team that will try and offer you the very best online service as one would expect in the highly competitive retail environment. You can place your trust in their safe and secure website and enjoy a fast efficient delivery service. They have teamed up with the best couriers in the industry to make sure your shopping experience is smooth and flawless as possible from start to finish. All they want is for you to enjoy what you purchase.


Dandy also known as a Gallant , is a man who places particular importance upon physical appearance, refined language, and leisurely hobbies, pursued with the appearance of nonchalance in a cult of Self. A term commonly used to describe well dressed men in the 18 and 19th century. In academia, a Fellow is a member of an elite group of learned people who are awarded an academic position (called a fellowship) to work together as peers in the pursuit of mutual knowledge or practice. We truly believe the modern man of today is once again on the pursuit for wearing and sourcing the very best in fashion, taking the time to research his next purchase, knowing that buying quality mens fashion over mass produced quantity (commonly seen on the high street) is the key to getting most from their purchase.

Dandy Fellow